What is an "Eco Billboard"?

Ricoh has installed "eco billboards" that are
lit 100% with natural energy as part of its
measures to implement sustainable
environmental management.

Eco billboards are special advertising
signage lit by wind and solar power. Ricoh
has installed these billboards in New York's
Times Square, Sydney, and Tokyo after
installing its first eco billboard in
Osaka, Japan (the use of which was
discontinued in June 2011).

Ricoh created its eco billboards exclusively
powered by 100% renewable energy not only to publicize the company name, but to help make people aware of the importance of environmental conservation, which should be tackled on a global scale. Depending on weather conditions, at times these billboards may go dark. This helps to reinforce the daily connection between society and the environment, delivering a message much stronger than a traditional billboard.

Although the eco billboards may have only a small direct effect on reducing our environmental impact, Ricoh hopes that the messages communicated through its billboards ultimately make more people aware of environmental issues and lead to a greater movement toward the creation of a sustainable society.