Billboards – Sydney

The Ricoh eco billboard in Sydney, Australia is 100 percent solar powered and part of a global initiative to encourage innovation in sustainability.

Positioned on three sides of a building in North Sydney, NSW, it uses new technology driven by 96 solar panels that generate power stored in 48 batteries onsite, acting as the only source of power for the sign. When the batteries run out of power, the eco billboard will not light, nor will it ever use any power from the grid.

By using only solar power to run the sign, Ricoh is demonstrating its long-term commitment to contributing to a sustainable society by conserving the energy that is required to illuminate conventional electric billboards and reducing carbon emissions. This supports Ricoh's goal of reducing its environmental footprint collectively to 1/8th of its year 2000 level by 2050.

The Sydney eco billboard is one of Ricoh's three completely sustainable billboards in the world. The other two eco billboards are located in New York's Times Square, and Tokyo. Ricoh believes that the objectives of these billboards are to communicate a message that prompts environmental awareness among the public and to take a step towards a sustainable society, rather than merely promoting the company name.


Solar Panels

The billboard is illuminated by light-emitting-diode (LED) floodlights manufactured by LumaSmart Technology. Compared to conventional high intensity discharge (HID) lights, the LED lights consume about half of the electricity while keeping the same brightness.

The billboard's LED lights will also provide an estimated 50,000 hours of useful life, whereas fluorescent tubes provide only 30,000 hours, and HID lights only operate for an estimated 1000-2000 hours. Because of the longer lifespan of the LED technology, the lights illuminating the billboard will potentially last forty or more years before a replacement is needed.