A history of sustainable environmental management.
A future of growing with the global environment.

More than 30 years ago, Ricoh began to focus its business on environmental sustainability. Today, its commitment to a sustainable society remains stronger than ever, as Ricoh strives to help solve the Earth's environmental issues by contributing to sustainability through all its business practices.

The goal of environmental conservation is to achieve a sustainable society where environmental impact is limited to a level that the Earth can deal with. In its 2050 Long-Term Environmental Vision created in 2005, Ricoh expresses its recognition that developed nations need to reduce their environmental impact to one-eighth the year 2000 levels by 2050. Based on this recognition, Ricoh set its own 2050 Long-Term and 2020 Mid-Term targets in 2009, and put into effect a specific environmental action plan accordingly. This goal setting approach is called the back-casting method. Because creating economic benefits by reducing environmental impact is important for private businesses to sustain their environmental conservation efforts over the long term, Ricoh pursues both environmental conservation and profit generation at an even higher level through its sustainable environmental management. To this end, we are working to ensure the participation of all employees and to develop environmental technologies.

A sustainable society cannot be built by the efforts of Ricoh alone. Using product life-cycle analysis (LCA) to discover in which step of its value chain how much of an environmental impact is generated, not only Ricoh but also its suppliers, customers, business partners and other stakeholders need to work together to manage and reduce. To do so, it is important to discuss the way Ricoh wants the global community to develop with its stakeholders, put forward and exchange ideas, and cooperate with each other in encouraging environmental conservation activities carried out in our respective capacity. It is also important to enhance Ricoh's longstanding sustainable environmental management to an even higher level. By doing so, Ricoh intends to create a new business model and actively communicate it to the public, which will lead to building an expanded network for our sustainable environmental management. One of the ways Ricoh is doing this is through its Managed Document Services (MDS) approach, designed to help customers enhance business efficiency while reducing their costs and environmental footprints.

In collaboration with its stakeholders around the world, Ricoh will continue to strive toward a sustainable society and work to become a corporation that is always growing together with the global environment.

For more details, please visit http://www.ricoh.com/environment.